Late Mr Shreebahadur Lingkha

///Late Mr Shreebahadur Lingkha

Late Mr Shreebahadur Lingkha


We are deeply saddened to hear that Mr Shreebahadur Lingkha (97 yrs) beloved father of Mr Tanka Lingkha and Ishwar Lingkha from Colchester has passed away in Nepal today. We heard all of them have gone to Nepal. On behalf of KY Chhumma(UK) I am writing to extend my deepest sympathies to them and other family members in this sad time. May the departed soul rest in peace.

Further detail as follows–
Name: Shree BahadurJimi Lingkha (Ex- 2/7 GR, No 7600)

DOB: १९७८/३/२९ (AD 14/07/1922)
Place of birth: Tamaphok-6 Sankhuwasava.

DOD: २०७५/१०/०९ (AD 23/01/2019), Lalitpur-15, Kathmandu.
Age: 97 years

1. Ram Kumar Jimee Linkha
2. Ripu Kumar Jimee Linkha
3. Tanka Kumar Jimee Linkha
4. Ishwar Kumar Jimee Linkha

1. Man Kumari Rogu Jimee.
2. Bishnu Kumari Tumbahamphe Jimee.

Contact No: 9813405915

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