Thanking letter from KYC Nepal

///Thanking letter from KYC Nepal

Thanking letter from KYC Nepal

Thanking letter from KYC Nepal

Dear respected the Chairman, advisers, EC

members and all the members of the community Sewayo !

For your information, please find an attached copy of thanking letter from Kirat Yakkha Chhumma central building project committee Dharan, Nepal. We

are very grateful to receive this acknowledgement letter and has self explanatory.

Once again, on behalf of the Chairman and working committee of KYC UK, would like to say a huge thank you to all the generous members who have contributed to polish up the Yakkha Community Hall back in Dharan Nepal, which desperately needed your support. Also, let’s not forget to say a big thank you to our KYC UK Treasurer Mr Bishnu Jimi, who had worked a lot to complete this challenge, with out his tireless hard work it would not have succeeded, Well done Bishnu Jimi jyu !

Last but not the least, we hope that every members of the community will be supporting continuously in such projects in the future if needed. Thank you and every one have great Easter break !!

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