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Final donation Request - Central building (Dharan)

Final donation Request - Central building (Dharan) - 15-10-2017

Final donation request: The President of Kirat Yakkha Chhumma central Nepal has requested us a final donation appeal letter for help to complete the necessary of a Kitchen and dining hall for the cen...

New Executive Committee ( 2018-2020 )

New Executive Committee ( 2018-2020 ) - 15-10-2017

New Executive Committee for 2018-2020:   The current Executive Committee is due to be finished their tenure by end of the September 2018, the AGM has discussed and kindly requested all potentia...

Annual and Life membership fees review

Annual and Life membership fees review - 15-10-2017

Annual and Life membership fees review: The meeting has decided to increase annual membership fee and Life membership fee with effect from 1st January 2018 respectively: Annual membership fee has...

Late Dhanmaya Tamli Yakkha

Late Dhanmaya Tamli Yakkha - 17-06-2017

Late Dhanmaya Tamli Yakkha Dear respected all members of KYC, UK. I am sorry to hear the tragic news about an unexpected demise of Mrs Dhanmaya Tamli Yakkha (wife fo Ex-21145365 CSgt Mandhoj Tamli Y...

Condolence (Late Shibamaya Yakkha)

Condolence (Late Shibamaya Yakkha) - 21-05-2017

Our warmest condolences.... Late Shibamaya Yakkha beloved mother of Mr Khagendra Yakkha (KYC ex-chairman and current Advisor) and mother-in-law of Mrs Basundhara Yakkha (Vice Chairwoman), passed...

Condolence (Late Shree Chakbahadur Dewan)

Condolence (Late Shree Chakbahadur Dewan) - 25-12-2016

We are shocked and saddened to hear a sad news of General Secretary (Kirat Yakkha Chhumma -UK) Dev Dewan's beloved father Shree Chakbahadur Dewan who passed away peacefully at home in Dharan on 23 Dec...

Funding for Yakkha Temple at Dangihat- 4 Morang (Nepal)

Funding for Yakkha Temple at Dangihat- 4 Morang (Nepal) - 16-12-2016

FUND COLLECTION WILL STOP ON 4TH JANUARY 2017   Dear all, The previous committee has received an appeal from District ExecutiveCommittee Morang Nepal for a fundraising to build a Yakkha temple...

KYC Annual Get Together (2017)

KYC Annual Get Together (2017) - 17-11-2016

The next annual get together will be held on Saturday, 26th August 2017, Ashford Kent. All Chelibetis and Jwaichelas will be invited as paying guest. Furthur details to follow in due course....


CONDOLENCE - 03-10-2016

Dear all namaskar (SEWAYO), I am very sorry to inform you that the grieving news about an unexpected demise of Mr Singh Bahadur Dewan (Ex-21137954) age of 90 from Angna-3, Ambote, Aahale, Pancht...


Condolence - 21-09-2016

Dear all respected members of the KYC UK Namaskar, Sewayo I am very sorry to inform the grieving news about the unexpected demise of Mrs Sunamaya Pamphu age of 82 years old in Kathmandu Nepal due t...

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